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Green Schools

Green Schools - Theme of water

Our Goals

  • To raise awareness of the issue of water conservation in our school and local community

  • To reduce rate of water consumption by 10% through 'low cost' and 'no cost' methods within within 12 months of programme implementation

Over the last two years Ms Smith and her Green schools committee of Ciara Hegarty, Darragh Stewart, Eleanor Pears, Euan Skelly, Isabella O Donohue, Aaron Pears, Aine Treanor, Evan Kerr, Poppy Roe and Taylor Sharkey have been working tirelessly to meet our water commitments. We thank them for their hard work and dedication.

We completed our water survey in October 2019, leaks were fixed around the school, completed water conservation and awareness posters, took water readings and finished up a water relay. Class teachers supported our work through curricular lessons, projects and experiments.

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